Riding Gear

 Riding gear is the most important thing when it comes to racing and even just recreational riding. You can have the most tricked out race bike, but it won’t help you in a crash like your gear will.




Go with a proper helmet that is approved by DOT, SNELL, or ECE. It should be a

snug fit that doesn’t allow your head to move inside excessively. See your

 that you get what you pay for. A helmet is one place you don’t want to skimp. If you already have a helmet, make sure it isn’t more than 5yrs old. Make sure to getpreferred parts & accessories shop for more fitment tips and advice. Remember

a good set of goggles if you’re using a dirt-style helmet.

Neck and spine

Neck braces are available to protect you from life-altering neck injuries and are available form multiple companies. There are also back protectors to help eliminate the chance of over-extending your back and injuring your spine. Some of the body protection below include spine protectors as well.



Supermoto may involve riding a sort of dirt bike, but the proper gear is far
from that. There brands of gear that look similar to MX gear, but they feature leather pants and an armor jacket underneath the jersey. The Main supermoto gear available now (that isn’t a full leather suit) is MVD Racewear. They feature armored jackets made of leather, Pants with leather and armor, and matching jerseys to keep you looking good too.


If you’re looking to get some gear to start out with, you can bulk up the riding gear you may already have. Toss aside your motocross chest protectors because they are not enough. In place of that, you’ll want to use an armored jacket. There are many available from multiple gear companies:  Acerbis Cosmo Protection Jacket, EVS Ballistic Jersey, Fox Titan Sport Jacket, Leatt Adventure Body Protector, SixSixOne Evo Pressure Suit, Thor Impact Rig, and more.

If you aren’t going for the MVD Supermoto gear, it can hard to decent pants with armor/leather like the old Troy Lee and Thor Supermoto gear from years past. So get some armored impact shorts and good knee pads underneath your regular riding pants. You may also wish to go with more of a knee brace for the rigidity as well as impact protection.

Some prefer a full leather suit like those worn in road racing. A good leather suit offers great protection against the asphalt. Because of this, they’re great at helping confidence levels because sliding on the asphalt is a quick breeze! Good leather Suits are available from Alpinestars, Cortech, Enzo Racing, and many more. Road racing suits work well, but there are also some made with supermoto in mind. (Made for a more upright riding position.)

From Left to right: Armor jacket, impact shorts, knee pads, leather suit.

ballistic jerseyX001 (1)X001 (2)Leather Suit


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Boots are equally important as they will protect you from foot and ankle injuries. MX style boots are a must here, they offer a lot more support for your ankles when jumping (and sometimes crashing). You can also go one step better and get boots from someone like Sidi and Gaerne that offer replaceable supermoto soles.


Full leather gloves are a must for supermoto. Go with a gauntlet style that will offer a little more protection to your forearms where you might potentially have bare skin showing between sleeve and glove. Also, a good set of gloves should have added padding and on areas like the palm and knuckles for impact protection.

Glove12_red         images

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